Become a NEW Certificate Holder!

Bring in new funds to receive your one-time APY of 5% – with a maximum of $1000 for 12 months.



New CD Rates – for new certificates in September

12 months – 2.25%
24 months – 3.25%
36 months – 3.75%
48 months – 3.95%


Debit Card Alerts

Help keep your account secure by signing up for alerts.  You’ll be able to receive a test message or email when your card is used.  You can setup custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts.  Click here to sign up today!

Lost or Stolen Cards

During non-business hours, credit union members can report lost or stolen debit and ATM cards by calling 1-800-523-4175.

You MUST know your card number!  So, please make note and store the information in a safe place.