Sad about owing taxes?  Consider a tax loan.

If you find yourself owing, this year, don’t be sad.  INFCU can help.  Rather than paying your bill all at once, budget your payments over the next year.*  Simply apply online.

*Members must qualify. 

Getting a tax refund?

Consider socking it away and borrowing money from the credit union to catch up on bills – or make those purchases you’ve been dreaming about.  When the loan is paid off, you’ll still have your refund in your savings account.  Win-win! 

Either way, it’s always a good idea to start putting money into that neglected savings account.  Rainy days do come around.  

Debit Card Alerts

Help keep your account secure by signing up for alerts.  You’ll be able to receive a test message or email when your card is used.  You can setup custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts.  Click here to sign up today!

Lost or Stolen Cards

During non-business hours, credit union members can report lost or stolen debit and ATM cards by calling 1-800-523-4175.

You MUST know your card number!  So, please make note and store the information in a safe place.